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That add are so much but other than that this game is so great I love this game so much!!!!!!

I’m having fun

At first I was so bored. Then I found this game and liked it ever since

Love it but too many adds

My daughter just got it today and loves it but she said when ever she clicks on something almost every time it goes strait to an add and the add takes so long to be over to get back to the game so I rate it as a 3 because of the adds.


I love this game and I play it every day! However, it gets a little repetitive. I payed to have all the girls and I still feel there aren’t enough characters to dress up. I am confused as to why Ghoulia isn’t there! I would also like a bit more clothing options, since I have stopped receiving gift boxes after every makeover.

Do. More. Monster. Height

You are doing great

I like it❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Benita khorsandi


I absalutly love this app.All my gools want to play and I tell them WELL get it on your iPad also please make more makeover apps I want you to make acrobatic makeover app and I will probably get it. P.S make it free

Mallys review

I luv the game I just wish when u brush hair it didn’t get in the way. We should have quest like we doing a new monsters hair or we have to make an outfit for a super star u know. Maybe after doing these quest we can unlock something like a new monster. And I would love to have an avatar like make my own monster that would be cool. Well this is my feedback. Thanks for reading. Bye!

Monster rule

I love this game all though sadly not all characters are unlocked...I love it the filters are fun and the hair graphics are good I’d like if some bonus game would be fun! Other than that..I love it!


There’s only 2 characters but it’s ok it’s kinda glitches but I restarted the game and it’s not glitchy so that’s what I think about this game 🍪💗

Love and hate

I love this game but I hate how you have to buy all the rest of the people and honestly I don’t want to buy it and I am betting if you gave everybody all the monsters at least you will have A LOT more people on your app


Thank you

Best game ever

This game is awesome It is amazing for kids and pre teens


I’m enjoying this game the only think about is how can I see other people work

Cute game

I like this game very much it’s fun!

More people

I want more people with just the people


I love silver wolf

Good game

So far the game is great but the app has a lot of apps

Daughter likes it.

She’s 8, and thinks it’s fun


the game is great,needs more stuff,YEAH

Unikitty girl

I love🌈 it it is so cool and fun but they should have a animal like a cat but I still love it p.s. purr and meow!🐱🐶🐯🐹🐭🐰🐻🦊🦁🐮🐻🐼🐷🐵🙈🙉🙊🐒🐣🐤🐦🐦🐧🐔🐥🦆🦅🦉🦇🦄🐴🐗🐺🐝🐚🦋🐞🐝🐬🐳🐋🐅🐈🐇🐕🐩🕊🌸🐱


One time I was playing this and I was covering up the camera. Cause I'm scared from my talking Angela. And my car actor I was using said uncover the camera or my car will be in your driveway. 😫


I love this game so much if I could I would rate it 1,000 but I think it would be better if everybody was unlocked

I love this app

I love this app it’s fun and age appropriate

to Monster High

this is the best game. But need to work on the add’s

Update but no new items?

Finally purchased the game in full. Awesome game. Can you please add more material choices and make the shoes look more natural thanks in advance.

So many ads!

I get an ad so many times during game play that it’s almost not worth playing. I also don’t like how you have to watch a video to unlock the items every single time you play even if you’ve already watched the video to unlock it. I can’t pay $10 to unlock every girl so it would be nice to have an option to watch a video for them too

Good game but

It’s a great game and it’s really fun but unless you want to pay $10 to get everything (which isn’t that much but it’s much) then you’re pretty much stuck with 2 girls and the same makeup 😑

Best app ever

This is the best app ever and I enjoyed it I really like it



Fun but expensive

I love the app and all of the clothing and hair but the full version is too expensive I have gone through lagoon a blue about 200 times I think you should make it 2$ or under if it were that I would totes buy it! You can just add an update and lower the prices on it. If you do this I will give you a five star rating!!!😁 I promise!


Hi I love playing this game so I’ll have to give it a five star review will I guess that’s all I have to say bye 👋 🧟‍♂️🧛🏻‍♀️🧛🏻‍♂️🧟‍♀️🕸🕷🕸🕷🦇


I like the game but all monsters should be free

Monster high rocks

I love you I watch your vids everyday please make more I love you BRB



it’s fine, massive bug(?)

the games good and all, but i can’t leave or change the character until i take the picture of her. problem is, i have. i’ve sent a picture out to twitter, i downloaded a bunch of them, but i’m still stuck at the screen with all the pictures, and when i restart, it’s still the same thing.


Show game it was really good it’s just that the game was very slow for me I don’t know if it’s my phone or I don’t know if it’s the game and I had way too many errands which I know that was not my phone that was the game how way too many apps which made me a little upset so I kind of deleted the game for that but I’m here to write my review for a person who actually knows it I just want to give y’all a little heads up about it but it’s a good game I would recommend downloading it but just like just be careful with it


Great app for kids

I love the game but I have one problem

Every time I get a new hair dye it never shows up like the other day I got this light pink color but it never shows up at the solan for me to use if you guys could fix this it would be great I’d enjoy the game much more, everything else works perfect



Amazing app and super addictive but.....

This app is great and it’s super fun I just feel that there should be a way to get more characters except for having to pay money. You could do something like this, watch an ad for this character or you can unlock characters for doing stuff other wise this app is really fun and great for all ages and I love all the designs you can do.


It’s really fun

Monster High Rules


Wall shows pics without permission

My kids posted a selfie and there’s 83000 likes Where are these pictures posted and how the heck do i shut posting off. Who is visiting the pictures, who is liking the pics and why do you not provide that information in the download screen Please provide answers

I really like the game but Needs more monsters available.

I really like these kind of hair salon games where you can style and cut the hair the way that you want instead of having to just click on a hairstyle and it appears on the person. Please try to make more monsters available instead of having to pay tons of money for other monsters. Three of my main favorite monsters are Clawdeen, Dracula and Cleo de Nile, but I can’t style them while being locked. You should have where you have the two that you have unlocked plus Clawdeen, Dracula and Cleo de Nile unlocked (cause these five are like the main monsters in the show/movies.... and then you could add a few other monster ghouls that are not as popular or don’t appear as much in the films and have them locked like for example Cupid or Rebecca steam or the mean cat monster girl or even the ghost girl or the monster Who has dice shape earrings or the monster that freezes stuff). Game gets kind of boring after a while just having two monsters to style. 👍😈👹🤡💀👽👻👺💩🤖👾😸


Sad how you have to PAY for the characters

It’s not fair

Why do I have to pay to play. It not fair that I have to buy characters to style them 😡

Monday blues

Good days for a app👻🙀👩🏽‍🎤👩🏽‍🎤

Awesome +Amazing

The monster high app is a very good game!!!🧛🏻‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧞‍♀️

Love it! Some Issues...

It's super fun! I just wish you wouldn't have to buy certain things..... it's kind of unfair in my opinion. Don't get me wrong it's really fun to play, but this is meant to be a kids game and I don't see the point of making it for kids and adding things you have to pay for (Example~ Ari Hauntington) If you didn't have to buy all these things if be all in for it!

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